NODA C.P.A. Accounting Firm

with Holonic Consulting CO.,Ltd./ Relative Audit Firm/ ASSE(※)

※ ASSEAssociation for Support Smaller Enterprises

To foreign managers who want to serch new possibilities in Japan
Management of company resembles a voyage in the ocean. We offer the best method and procedure to realize "a dream".

Duties contents;
NODA Accounting Firm
・ We offer service to reinforce the accounting system / the financing system.
・ We support difficult, complicated accounting duties quickly for your company.
・ We suggest the most suitable accounts processing method and processing system and build it.
・ We do precise advice about many problems in various taxation business.
・ We explain the management problem that calculation documents showed and suggest measures.
・ We intend for adviser taxation business / a corporation tax / income tax (a salary, real estate, a transfer),
 a gift tax, an inheritance tax, the items of taxation of all others.
・ Various taxation business consultation, taxation business consulting, the making of taxation business report
 documents, acting taxation business,
・ Accounting duties support;
 The support of the accounting office work, acting entry, the making of financialstatements, the construction
 support of the accounting system, accounting software introduction support

Holonic Consulting CO.,Ltd.
・ We offer service I reinforce management constitution, and to be improved.
・ We support reorganization and the expansion of the management organization, the practice of mergers and
 acquisitions, a profit plan and a fund plan, the development of the business plan, scheme construction of the
 business reproduction, relief of the future of a manager and the employee.
・ The dispatch of the need talented person to carry out a management consulting
・ A management plan, corporate strategy development support.
・ A plan of a business / the company organization reorganization, drafting, practice
・ Business succession support
・ Business reproduction (legal reproduction / voluntary reproduction) support
・ Mergers and acquisitions support
・ The evaluation of a business / the corporate value
・ The investigation of accounts processing / financial statements
・ Various FP duties, various service that conformed to assigned guardian system, article for employee life plan
 advisory service
・ The plan of the IT (information technology) practical use, drafting, practice support, system consulting,
 system introduction support, talented person dispatch, consulting effectively

Relative Audit Firm
 In cooperation with a relative audit firm, We offer service to aim at expansion and the growth more.
・ We help initial public offer.
・ We take an audit established in a law.
・ We take the option inspection that an enterprise performs for an option.
・ We take various financing investigation / financing advice duties. Stock market
 flotation support, stock market flotation preparations inspection, stock market
 flotation support, inspection, Securities and Exchange Law inspection / company law
 inspection / educational foundation / public service corporation / labor union
 inspection / investment business association inspection, inspection / others option
 audit to relate to real estate fluidity / securitization, various financial affairs
 investigation / financial affairs advice duties

ASSE(Association for Support Smaller Enterprises)
 ASSE is organized with the aim to support small/ medium enterprises by solving complex management problems promptly and smoothly by using a network of various kind of experts, such as, lawyers, certified public accountants, licensed tax accountants, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners, social insurance consultants, administrative scriveners, real estate appraisers, the first grade authorized architects and consultants of information processing/ finance/ insurance /production control/ distribution/ advertisement/ adoption, dispatch, upbringing of talented person/ labor problem, and so on.
We choose the most suitable experts for each case and organize them to solve the problem.

 We have 12 skillful accounting /taxation business staffs including a U.S.C.P.A., and an information technology staff who can handle computers well.